Back in the Saddle

The Lousy Blogger is back on the road again. I know a few (two) of you have been broken-hearted over my absence, but don’t worry … I’m here for you. To start, a few pictures from the trip so far:

Discovered this little gem (isn't that a GREAT name?) at a gas station in Kentucky. It's a shot of espresso (or something like it) that you can ADD to your coffee! Or, if you're me, keep in your glove box for when you get sleepy.

A beautiful curve in the road on the way to the Little Grand Canyon in Pomona, Ill.

An adorable little surprise (truly, it startled me) in the bathroom at the Little Grand Canyon.

Not grand. Not a canyon. But yes, Illinois, it IS little.

And just a word here about the Little Grand Canyon: don’t. It’s a downhill hike to look at a ditch, and then an all uphill hike back. I’m sure it gets beautiful at some point, but not, from what I could tell, at any point VISIBLE from the trail. The drive there, however, is just gorgeous. It also happens to be the same drive as the Shawnee Wine Trail. I’d do that next time instead.

This is Chester, Ill., home of Popeye. Did anyone else know Popeye had a home? I did not.

Kansas, always loyal to the sterotype. It's a pretty storm, though, right? There were tornados, too, by the way, which you know I'd chase if I had the chance, but sadly, they skipped Salina, where I stayed the night.

Now it’s off to Colorado Springs! More from the road. Hugs to you all.


3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Yes, the return to blogging is bitter sweet because it means you are not here in the state of GA with us. But I do enjoy hearing about your travels. The espresso shot to go… pure genius. And I love that there is a Spinach Can Collectibles shop. Sounds like a cute town.
    Hugs to you too! We miss you!

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