Traveling on a Budget

To say I’m traveling on a budget is monumentally understating the situation. I Priceline EVERYTHING. I change my destination entirely – drive 100 miles out of the way – for the cheapest hotel room. I’m good with the basics. Seriously. But just because I love you guys, and because many of you don’t have the “budget” I have, I’m going to share something with you. I recently stayed – at $55 a night – at an un-named Ramada in the Midwest, where the fitness center includes five pieces of equipment, only one of which worked: the bicycle, which is what I needed, so perfect! It was also recently flooded (?), so it had a fan running in the corner, but NO air conditioning. And no windows. The water bottle was empty and there were no towels. But I had my bike, which is great cross training for a runner, so I was psyched. All was well.

And then I got to the Crowne Plaza (cheapest room I could get … again, Priceline) in Colorado Springs:

Not just towels, but CHILLED towels.

And then there's this ... INDOORS. Don't even get me started on the FREE (also GOOD) coffee.

So yeah. I guess you get what you pay for. I just can’t afford to pay for it most of the time.



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