Meet Liberty

This is my friend Joe in Jackson Hole, and this … drumroll … is his baby. Her name is Liberty. She’s FAST. She’s absolute perfection. And Joe built her, part by part, with his own hands. I’ve been waiting YEARS to ride in this car, and today I did.

Liberty lives in this trailer.

And there she is.

She's built for drag racing.

I did not race her. Or even drive her.

Joe threatened to throw me in the trunk if I touched any part of her besides her door handle (JUST THE METAL PART!). Kidding. But he was SO not letting me drive, either.


3 thoughts on “Meet Liberty

  1. He did. He built a car. Crazy, right? And I get excited when I get put together a table from Ikea.

    The ride was amazing. He drag races it, but not on regular roads. I’d love to be in it when he’s really racing.

    Mom, the name comes, I think, from the brand name on the gear shift.

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