Yes, I know that’s a sensational title. But you already know I’m alive, so it can’t be that exciting right? Anyway, that’s actually just a teaser for my next post. First let’s talk about something TRULY life or death. Let’s talk about the Internet.

There’s one thing about being an itinerant writer, and that’s a fierce and desperate reliance on the Internet. When it fails you, particularly at deadline time, it can be an incredibly painful experience. Welcome to my last weekend. I wasn’t exactly on deadline, but I DO have a very long list of assignments due in the next few weeks. Once Joe left, I had a plan to work long days, through the weekend, and get way ahead of my work before Joe returned. And then on Friday, the Internet disappeared.

Here’s the wonderful thing about Jackson Hole: zero – TOTALLY ZERO – urgency. No one even understands the word (except Joe, which is why we get along, and why people in Jackson are often mystified by him). There is ONE Internet Service Provider here, and ONE person …a woman, which is marvelous, but still… ONE person who does tech support for the whole area. And last weekend? She was on vacation.

I tried everything I knew to fix it, which generally consists of turning everything off and on a thousand times, but nothing worked. Joe, bless his heart, called the ISP a hundred times leaving what I am sure had to be the scariest messages they’ve ever received. No one called back. Finally on Monday, the kind, patient, and let me say, not at all intimidated by Joe, for which I was very impressed, tech support woman called me, walked me through a few simple steps to reprogram the modem, and voila. All fixed.

I feel better knowing that I couldn’t have fixed it myself, that I wasn’t running in circles all weekend doing the wrong things. But I also felt stupid for not just giving up. For not just going for a hike in these BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS.

Snake River and the Tetons

I’m going to try to learn that lesson. It’s about changing the things you can change and being able to recognize when you have absolutely no control at all and chill the hell out.

I just came up with that myself. Pretty good, right?


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