Fried dough earned by a near-death experience



I know this will sound unbelievable, given my Southern roots, but I’ve never deep fried. I have no idea how, and truly, a boiling vat of oil … that’s pretty intimidating. But Joe, he’s not intimidated even when he maybe should be.

Joe became obsessed with sopiapillas in Chile and has been trying, so far not to his satisfaction, to recreate them at home ever since. But he found this mix and with completely unfounded faith in my culinary skills, demanded we try it again.

Turns out that you maybe have to be a grandmother of some kind to make these things successfully from scratch, but even Joe and I can make some ridiculously delicious sopiapillas with a mix.

I ate four of them (dipped in this amazing vanilla honey butter), and I didn’t even worry about it. I reasoned that not drowning deserves as much fried dough as you feel like eating. Story on that one tomorrow…


7 thoughts on “Fried dough earned by a near-death experience

  1. I made croissants for the first time this week, because of that French bakery we had down near CENTCOM. It turns out — as everyone knows who has done it, which I never had — there are 128 layers of butter in a croissant. So, they’re not deep-fat fried, but they might as well be.

    I added brie and herbs from the garden to some, chocolate to others, and cream cheese and sugar to still others. They turned out well.

  2. Mom – I’m not sure what Joe’s previous strategy was, in terms of rolling-out thickness, but I rolled them out pretty thin. The directions said 1/8 inch. Of course – you know me – I didn’t measure. I just went for “pretty thin,” 🙂

    Big brother, I’m jealous. You’re going to need to send pictures and then also some of those croissants to Wisconsin. Please.

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