Summer in Minneapolis

Running in Jackson Hole is extraordinarily beautiful, it’s true, but there’s something about Minneapolis … I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until today. And then I realized: it’s winter. In Jackson, people are already, right at this moment, WISHING for winter (you know who you are). They love it. They long for it. In Minneapolis, people brave the winter. It’s a part of their pride and identity. But it’s no joy-filled funfest, that’s for sure. So when it’s summer here, when this lake is surrounded by people, there’s a palpable happiness. It carries you along.

It lasts for about nine weeks, so enjoy it, people.


6 thoughts on “Summer in Minneapolis

  1. It rained at our house this evening, so tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. It was hot today, though. But let’s all remember that last winter was equally cold. We get our share of cold. Just saying… 🙂

  2. Hey, are you here? If so, when do you want to play? And yes, winter is in fact something we brave; it is the Minnesotan’s “red badge of courage” to survive the winter and a key part of any small talk patter with someone not residing in the Midwest. You betcha!

  3. Shansen! YEA! I definitely want to play. I was only in Minneapolis for short stop, and I’m in Wisconsin now. But I’ll be back in Minneapolis the week of Sept. 27. I’ll be sending you and Kim and the whole crew an email really soon.

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