Back in the Big North Woods

In a lot of ways, things in the woods are easier. I’m not a slave to my cell phone (because it doesn’t work here). I can run and run for miles in any direction and maybe one pass two cars (but also maybe pass two bears). I always need to know where my flashlight is, but I can see more stars than any other place on earth. Any place I’ve been, anyway.

I’m surrounded by love and beauty and amazing food (thanks to Carol). I get to have cold mornings and warm afternoons (for now). I get to read fun kids’ books at night, wrapped up in sweatshirts and blankets.

It’s a little harder to take photos and upload them, but don’t worry, whenever I go into town, I’ll keep you visually updated. For now, you just get my words and a few old photos as a reminder of what this place looks like. Wish you were here …

Waking Bear, my Wisconsin running partner

On the way into town ...

These are the face I always miss. My second family. (Carol & Dan have two wonderful kids too - I'll call them The Beauties - but as you know, I have a no-kids'-photos-on-the-blog policy. You'll just have to trust me.


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