The perfect truck

When I was little, my Uncle Gene had a wonderful truck. I’m not sure if I ever even rode in this truck, but I loved it, and I love the memory of it. I have no pictures of it, except the one in my mind, and though you all know how much I love Benji, I want one of those trucks. It would be my every day truck, and I could save Benji for the longer trips. The bigger mountains.

These days, in all my travels, one of the things I do EVERYWHERE I go is look for the perfect truck. The truck is always in 1970s range. I love the ones with a white panel down the side. But I also love really old, well-loved trucks. Neverwashers, Joe calls them. I’m all about the neverwasher.

A couple of days ago, one of the Beauties was riding home with me from the grocery store and we spotted this truck – the perfect Neverwasher.

I do love this one, but I’m open to suggestions. Send them on, my friends.


2 thoughts on “The perfect truck

  1. Saw the perfect truck for you the other day at Lowe’s. It was a vintage brown chevy (I think) with a white stripe down the side. There was a basket of orange mums in the passenger seat. So cute. Almost took a pic. Should have. We’ll find you a truck. BTW, love that they are called “neverwashers”.

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