The cost of doing business

The plan was to drive to Minneapolis, stay the night, show TJ the city and then drop him at the airport today. Then I was going to spend the night with my friend Ali and have dinner on Thursday night with Sheri and Kim. All kinds of fun plans. But then a few things happened.

1. I suddenly – and violently – came down with the cold the ButBars have all been passing around for a couple of weeks.

2. I got twenty-seven emails related to various work items that need to be done immediately, work items that use lots of Internet energy and bandwidth (bad for the gridless).

Ali has young children and one on the way, so clearly I couldn’t share my cooties with those lovely people. I also needed to pull a long work shift immediately, rather than getting right back on the road for the three-hour drive to Superior. I canceled my plans. I gave up and got a hotel room.

Which brings me to Priceline. Here’s the thing: It’s all good and fabulous to get a four star hotel room for the price of a Super 8. Yea me. But then there’s the $30 (gasp) parking charge and the $13 Internet charge, and by that time, I could have paid the $115 to stay at the perfectly comfortable and lovely Holiday Inn Express. Where there would be free breakfast AND free Internet. Honestly, Internet is free at every budget hotel in the universe, so how is it possible that high-end hotels think they can charge for it? What is that about?

Anyway. I have a nice view, a robe …

… a mini bar full of stuff I can’t afford and a lot of work to do.



3 thoughts on “The cost of doing business

  1. True. The high priced hotels, the fewer free things. Those mints on the pillows must be made of gold. Get well quickly! Love, MOM

  2. I didn’t even GET mints! Dammit. 🙂

    Feeling a little better this morning, probably because I got a LOT of work finished. Still one more article to go, then I’ll get about 48 hours of rest and I’ll be back on deadline. Get ready, get set …

  3. I had that experience in Atlanta the last time I was there overnight. You want how much for me to park my motorcycle in your lot for eight hours?

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