Farewell, Butbars

Yesterday I left Wisconsin. It’s always hard. It always reminds me a little of the time I left home, the first time when it meant leaving home for real, for good.

I always go back home, of course, and I will always go back to Wisconsin. Because Butbars, you are family. And like my traditional family, you are now stuck with me.

In these woods are places and people I think and dream about all year long. Butbars, I’ll miss you. Take care of yourselves and the Big Woods.



The outdoor kitchen

Joe's Hardware



4 thoughts on “Farewell, Butbars

  1. Who is Joe? I am glad you have found more family to love. I want you always to have lots of family! Thanks, Butbars for being that family for our Juli! She is loyal. You will be loved forever. 🙂

  2. Joe was one of the original owners, Mom, and he left an office of sorts, right off this old garage, filled with all kinds of hardware. Anytime anyone needs a bolt or screw or wire or whatever, someone else says, Have you checked Joe’s Hardware?

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