Halloween in Chicago

One thing I love about this city is how committed they are to their holidays. When Molly and I lived here, years ago, Halloween was our first holiday, and though Christmas, Easter and, obviously, Cubs games all elicit stunning directions, Halloween is still my favorite. Here’s a look at some of the spooky beauties I passed today on my run …

This one isn't really decorated. It just struck me as already creepy enough to be a house that could mysteriously suck people inside, never to be heard from again. I think it's that woodwork that does it.


7 thoughts on “Halloween in Chicago

  1. Neat neighborhood! Are those sculptures permanent and just decorated or did they put them there just for Halloween, I can’t tell from the photo?

  2. People were wearing various wigs and such things as part of Irish costumes — especially leprechaun costumes, I think. At some point they got abandoned to the parking meters.

    Speaking of ‘the holiday of our family’ did you know that in heraldry there is a form of the cross that is the “Cross Patty”? It’s a very common form, but that’s the official name in English heraldic literature.


  3. Those are some fantastic decorations. What fond memories I have of us moving to Chicago and what good timing we had to go in the Fall. Can’t wait to see you very soon!

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