A night in Music City at the Hotel Preston

On the way back to the Deep South, I stopped in the Middling South (Nashville) for a night and stayed at the Hotel Preston, a marvelous hotel. Let me say, first of all, that my writer’s travel budget does not generally include marvelous hotels. I’m generally quite happy with a serviceable, solid hotel. I stay at a LOT of Super 8 hotels, and I like them just fine. What I’m saying is that my general hotel bar is set at comfortable bed, clean room and secure-feeling environment. So if you happen to be one of those people whose minimum hotel standards include turn-down service and 10,000-thread-count sheets, you’re reading the wrong blog. I mean, you can READ this blog. I’m delighted to have you. But you might find my hotel reviews a bit too forgiving, that’s all.

So, on to the Hotel Preston. Such a fun hotel.

My favorite part, and maybe my favorite detail of any hotel, ever: they have a list of amenities that, upon request, can be placed in your room before arrival. I chose a rubber ducky, a lava lamp and a fish. Who I named Mortimer.

They also offer a fascinating array of reading materials, and thank you Hotel Preston for demonstrating that other religious books beyond the New Testament can be found in the southern states.

And finally, the lobby decor is just fun.

The bed WAS comfortable, by the way, and the hotel was cozy, quiet and perfect in all the ways by which I generally judge hotels. The staff was also super nice, and the music in the bar (the Pink Slip, thus the carnation crayon slip pictured above) was perfectly Nashville. Only two negatives, as far as I’m concerned: the in-room coffee was wretched (though I’ve never once had good in-room coffee, to be fair) and the fitness room had only five machines, old machines, all of which were in use except for the out-of-order treadmill. Now, a fitness center isn’t something I typically have in one of my usual hotels, but if I’m in a hotel that HAS one, it would be nice to be able to use it. Seems logical.

Overall, this is a FUN place to stay, and it’s significantly less expensive than most of the other fun-type hotels of Nashville. It’s not downtown, but very close to the airport, so if either of those proximity factors matter to you, keep it in mind.

Now go have some fun.


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