The Bradley Brief

Another new Hello Goodbye feature: The Bradley Brief. My brother tells me that he’d me MUCH more interested in reading what I do every day, despite my insistence that waiting until I have something interesting to report is a better way to blog. So, here it is, just for you, Big Brother. Yesterday in review:

  • Drove Nashville to Cumming, honked at twice (four times total for this trip) by tractor trailer drivers, leading me to wonder anxiously if my gas tank was open, one of my tires was about to rupture or a dead body was on top of my car.
  • Unloaded Benji, but didn’t unpack because I had to get right back in the car with Mom and Dad to meet the bother, sister-in-law and nephew to celebrate the bother and SIL’s birthdays.
  • Introduced to the Harry-Potter themed Hooters, also known as the Tilted Kilt, where we met for dinner. Nephew began to ask many questions about those metal nails the girls had in their stomachs.
  • Delighted by the ability to go to bed early and sleep as late as I wanted, but I couldn’t go to sleep, and I woke up at 7:45.

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