The Bradley Brief, Weekend Report

I’d just like to insert, first of all, my theory that the Big Brother isn’t interested in my daily activities at all. He just wants to exercise his brotherly, bloggerly power over me. Being the OLDER and more experienced blogger (you’ll find him here) and sibling, he’s the authority. He considers himself the authority. I, of course, am just sweet, accommodating and trusting. So here’s what I did this weekend, the short version.

  • Saw “Footloose” with Mom. It was MARVELOUS. If you’re mocking, I’m sad for you.
  • Drove with Mom to Tennessee for my cousin’s baby shower.
  • Got a bit lost on the University of Tennessee campus, amongst a number of under-construction roads, looking for a way to get to the river so I could run alongside it.
  • Drove BACK to Georgia with Mom.

That’s pretty much it. I’m also looking for a new race to run, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. I’m thinking something on a trail, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Hope each and every one of you had a weekend as full and exciting as my bulleted list. xxoo


2 thoughts on “The Bradley Brief, Weekend Report

  1. I didn’t intend to make an appeal to authority! I don’t write for mass audience myself, but it appears to be true that the more active blogs get more traffic. Since you’re a professional writer, I figured you’d benefit from the attention to your wit and cleverness.

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