The Bradley Brief

I’m never going to be able to keep this up. That’s what I was thinking as I started this post. Of course, I’ve thought that during many runs, so WHO KNOWS? Today I actually have something fun to report, so that helps. Here’s the day in BB:

  • Performed my new morning ritual: drank a Muscle Milk Light, then coffee and worked. Will I develop lots of new muscles? Just wait and see. People are so mouthy about protein these days, and I’ve resisted until now. I’m givin’ it a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Dropped Benji off at the oil change place next door to the gym. Congratulated myself on brilliant multi-tasking.
  • Walked to the gym and tried to swipe my electronic key, but it didn’t work. A darling young man came out and got me, offering help. I call him darling because as soon as he found out who my dad is, he said this: “I LOVE that guy! He’s always so friendly! It’s so much fun to have him here.” Then he fixed my key, and I decided he was the smartest guy ever.
  • Drove to Athens and cooked dinner for TJ.
  • Rubbed Stuart’s BELLY!



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