I’m bored. Are you?

Alright fine. UNCLE. I can’t do the everyday, here’s-what-I-did thing. I tried (okay, not very hard and not very long, but I TRIED). I can’t do it. It’s because I love you, though. You get that, right?

But TODAY I actually came across something remarkable and lovely. Something I feel is worth reporting. I realize as I type this that I should be viewing the world with a bit more awe, if I only run across something worth reporting every three or four days, and I’ll work on that. Truly. But for now, if you live anywhere near historic downtown Alpharetta, take a drive over there. They have decorated every block of the city with these gorgeous, marvelous creatures. They’ve all got signs indicating which first grade or civic group made them, and they’re just, quite simply, the best community Halloween decorations I’ve ever seen. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to live in a town.

A snowman with a white pumpkinhead? Genius.

Lady Liberty manages to be delightfully creepy.

Pochahontas? Boho Wonder Woman? I have no idea, and I DON'T CARE. Love it.


4 thoughts on “I’m bored. Are you?

  1. That’s most certainly a Cleopatra pumpkin creature. All of them are quite lovely. So glad to know someone else who appreciates pumpkin personifications.

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