Black Bear!


Remember Louis? This guy looks a lot like Louis.


2 thoughts on “Black Bear!

  1. When you are this close to a bear, a little more information would be reassuring
    for a mom. Obviously you got back home to your computer so you survived, but still, how did you happen on this bear? Was he/she after food and was it you? Where were the dogs? Love, your overprotective mega-worrier MOM

  2. Okay, Mom, I’ll tell you the story, but it won’t make you feel any better. Joe was driving, and that little bear came garumphing out into the road. Muzz was booming at him, but the bear was not impressed by us, our truck OR our ferocious dog. Joe was afraid the little bear would get hit by a car, but he knew the cars would see his GIANT white truck, so he parked in the way of traffic (which is how we got pictures) until the little bear sauntered off down a side road.

    I told Joe I was going to tell you that he parked my side of the car in the way of oncoming traffic in order to save a bear, but I was kidding. I guess I made good on my threat now, though.

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