Baby shopping on Etsy

I’m not shopping for a baby, although if I were, I’d definitely want an Etsy one.

No, my lovely friend Ali in Minneapolis just had a brand new beautiful baby girl, and this gives me an excuse to stroll delightedly among the marvelous baby goods on Etsy. I haven’t decided what I’m going to buy yet, but that’s just because I’ve found too many choices. Friends, I so enjoy this. Keep having those babies, won’t you?

This isn't necessarily the right present for Ali, but it made me laugh. And wish for one of my computer-type friends to get knocked up.

This might be the one. I mean, how can I NOT buy this?

I adore this blanket, but (and here's a marketing tip, people) probably 50 percent of that adoration comes from the name of the shop: My Wooby and Me. Mr. Mom anyone? The answer is ALWAYS yes.

This onesie KILLS me. Mostly because I keep imagining the horror this tattoed baby thing would inspire in some individuals. Such funniness.

And then I found these boots. Come ON.


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