Sometimes teenagers are awesome. Also, what you can (should) do with $30

These two tidbits came to me from Good Magazine, which is just about the greatest publication known to man. Except, of course, for the ones that employ me. They are even greater. Obviously.

First, a little piece about microlending. Did you know that the Americans who give away the biggest proportion of their own income are women who make $23,509 or less a year? That’s right. Ante up, people. If everyone gives just a little, it helps a lot.

Second, here’s a teenager who showed up and stood up to Michelle Bachmann at a rally. A RALLY, people. Not a town hall forum or any kind of feel-free-to-put-pressure-on-me sort of scenario, but a Boo-rah, we love Michele Bachmann event. Now, politics aside, it’s a not incredibly contentious to proclaim that Michele Bachmann is the sort of woman who doesn’t hesitate to strike hard when she deems it necessary. As much as I’d love for people to be nice, some kind of ferocity is probably required to get elected. But knowing this, isn’t it extra marvelously cool that there’s a teenager out there not only interested in her country’s policies but also brave enough to stand up and make her presidential candidates answer to her?

So, basically, I just want to say YEA, Jane Schmidt. BUT, to give credit where credit is due, also note in the video Bachmann’s attentiveness: she keeps giving the mic back and letting the girl (and really more than one girl) speak. Bachmann also offers some of the worst non-answers I’ve ever heard, and I hope her staff is somewhere, locked in a room, writing her some better answers, but that’s not the point. At an event like that, with 99 percent of the support on her side, Bachmann could have easily brushed this situation off, and she didn’t. So in that way, YEA Michele Bachmann.

See, people? I can be fair.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes teenagers are awesome. Also, what you can (should) do with $30

  1. Who are those people clapping for Michelle Bachmann in the video? That is ridiculous circular logic. She explains that everyone has the same civil rights and then makes a point illustrating people must follow “the law of the land’ (i.e everyone doesn’t have the same civil rights). Oy.

  2. Ha. It hadn’t occurred to me, but I think you nailed it, Joe. They are clearly devoted members of the Circular Logic Society of America.

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