Cinnamon roll whole wheat pancakes

This recipe is made using a packaged food product, so before I get to it, here’s a wonderful blog (thanks, Mike!) that reviews ridiculous packaged food products. It A., makes me laugh and B., introduces me to all kinds of preposterous foods I might never, because sometimes I’m weirdly oblivious, know existed. Also, most of these things I would never allow myself to buy UNLESS my job was to taste-test them, which is why I’m kind of pissed I didn’t think of this blog idea first.

Anyway, on to my recipe. I used Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Insta-Bake Mix. Yes, whole wheat. You might think that I’m no fun, but WAIT. I made them cinnamon roll pancakes! It didn’t work so well.

I tried, though. Credit, please.

I’ve always had trouble with pancakes. Mine just never taste as good as the ones I’ve had at restaurants. Some – particularly the ones at the Ila Restaurant – are just AMAZING. Of course, they’re not whole wheat. So what I’ve done here is damn my efforts before I even begin. But I saw some cooking show in which I learned that the secret to amazing pancakes is to beat the egg white first, and I had FAITH, people.

Then I prepared the rest of the mix (forgetting to add the egg yolks, though. Breakfast may not be my meal.) and folded the batter into the egg whites.

And THEN I made the cinnamon roll part. This is butter, cinnamon, and Whey Low Gold, which I microwaved. Fancy. The wine is not part of the recipe. It just makes me feel happy to have wine around.

So I dropped the batter into the pan and drizzled the cinnamon stuff in a swirl over the top. Here’s where things went wrong.

You have to flip pancakes, people. And sugar, it burns when in contact with a hot skillet. I learned quickly to flip to the sugar side at the last possible moment and then cook that side the minimal possible time. But still, it’s wasn’t a rousing success.

Mainly the problem was that you couldn’t really taste the cinnamon bit, but also not so excellent if the judging was being done on looks … Good thing we all know it’s ridiculous to judge by looks.

Mom remedied the problem by pouring the leftover cinnamon sugar sauce over the top, which, let’s face it, is a much better idea anyway AND eliminates the need for butter-and-syruping. It also pretty much negates the whole wheat health factor.

So there you go. Acceptable but not great pancakes, as usual. And really, it’s like eating a stale doughnut. What’s the point?


2 thoughts on “Cinnamon roll whole wheat pancakes

  1. I thought they were delicious! It would be a lot easier to make them on an electric griddle than on our stove which heats unevenly and is not really level either. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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