Sunday Sewing

Learning to sew has been on my list for ages. Mom and I even bought fabric a few months ago, and then … nothing. Time was an issue; obviously I’d have to be here long enough to learn on my mom’s sewing machine. But also, patterns suck. They’re never the right size without doing all kinds of alterations, and even if they are, most of them look like unfortunate middle school home-ec projects anyway.

My solution … make my own pattern. Mom was dubious, but she’s usually game for most anything. Yesterday we had a day-long monsoon, so it seemed like a good time to try.

We made the pattern out of old Christmas wrapping paper, which worked really well because it had small striped that created fantastic cutting guides. We fitted it to my body (this pretty much requires having a sewing partner to get it right and not stab yourself repeatedly with pins), cut out the fabric and got busy learning to use the sewing machine. And …

Taking a picture of oneself is so awkward. I couldn't bear to look at the camera. And I'm only just now realizing what I wreck my room is.

It took five hours, but guess what my friends … it worked! Let me be clear – it’s the most wretched piece of sewcraft ever. Don’t look too closely and definitely don’t yank on it. I’m half tempted to take an additional top with me just in case this one falls apart in the middle of the day.

Truly, I will never earn my living with a sewing machine. But, like that middle school home ec student (I know, I know, there’s no home ec anymore), I’m so proud of my little creation, I’m going to wear it for probably a week straight. You know, until it really does fall apart. And when it does, that’s just fine. I can make new clothes. I’m a seamstress now.


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