Day Five and a counterpoint

I get the point. I do. Yesterday we were supposed to list the things we cared about, and today – Gotcha! – we are tasked with discovering what organizations champion our pet causes. But here’s the thing: who has the TIME for this? This is an absorbing task, this 30 Day Challenge. I can do it because I’m freelance. Mom’s doing it because she’s 1, a good sport and 2, part-time retired. But who else could really do devote this amount of time to a topic that won’t directly or visibly impact their daily lives? People with small children, full-time jobs and a two hour daily commute? Forget about it.

So I’m saying this: pick ONE thing you care about and ONE organization that you can support that will help make a difference in that cause. I pick public schools. They don’t help animals, not directly anyway, but in almost all ways, public schools impact the issues I care about deeply and actively. They are our co-parents in today’s society, and parenting of any kind in any amount is a monumental – and monumentally challenging – responsibility. I choose to help public schools. I volunteer to teach a creative writing class at a local middle school, and I know I could do more. I COULD do more, but it’s important not to get bogged down in that idea and use it as an excuse to do nothing. So there. Public schools. How about you?

Meanwhile I’m headed to Amherst, Mass., for an assignment, where I will be enjoying my ONLY real taste of winter so far this winter. I’m writing this from a layover at the Philly airport.

I didn't eat here, but it's a friendly-looking aiport eatery, no? I ate a salad at a bar, where I also drank a porter made in Cleveland, Ohio. I was advised by my fellow beer-drinking lunch mates. Who could NOT love to travel?

Other than the 30 minute delay caused by a LATE pilot (they actually said “late” not delayed, so what? He overslept?) Philly International so far meets my three top requirements for an excellent airport: an easily-found healthy meal, coffee and free wi-fi. I’m feeling all kinds of Brotherly Love. And no. It has nothing to do with the beer. Smartasses.


One thought on “Day Five and a counterpoint

  1. I agree with Juli. This is a humongous challenge and I am going to concentrate on one of my subjects that I think deserves passion: Finding every child’s special gifts and helping each one flourish.

    All my students have gifts. Some exhibit Asperger’s characteristics and they fascinate me. I decided to focus on this small segment of the population of autistic children to begin with. I searched Autism Cumming, Georgia, and found several organizations within 30 miles of my zip that help parents of Autistic kids cope. This linked me to Autism Speaks, an organization that offered a school kit to download so that teachers and school staff can understand these kids better. There is a special section just on Asperger’s. I downloaded it and am in the process of reading and digesting the information.

    There was a parent group within 8 miles of my house. The website couldn’t be accessed, but there was an e-mail address and a phone number. Once I have some info in my head, I will contact them and see what they do.

    Autism Speaks has walks to support their cause and their website is huge. It will take me a while to get thoroughly familiar with their goals and their needs. We’ll see where this leads.

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