Day 6

The wireless doesn’t work in my hotel room. I read FOX News on my phone. Since the assignment was to read a news source you don’t agree with, I call that done.

A lovely meal at 30 Boltwood tonight. Roasted beets with pistachio cream and mussels and a really long talk with a really good, old friend. Pretty good for a day that started with malfunctioning wireless and FOX News.


One thought on “Day 6

  1. The Good Citizen assignment today was to visit a news site that is in opposition to my viewpoint. I visited and read an article by Mona Charon titled Removing Planned Parenthood’s Fig Leaf. It was defending the Susan G. Komen decision to pull their funding to Planned Parenthood because they don’t provide mammograms. She felt Planned Parenthood misrepresented the number of their services that involved abortions. Since PP mostly sees women under 35 and breast cancer is usually diagnosed after age 40, she felt Komen was justified in taking their funds away. She was offended that 26 Democratic Senators wrote to Komen to ask them to reconsider in order to insure that the young women get the health care services such as pelvic exams, STD tests, pregnancy tests, contraceptives, breast exams, etc. that PP provides. Some of these women, according to the senators, would have no other health care at all. By her calculation a third of PP’s business is abortions and she stated two cases in which under-aged or pretending-to-be-under-aged women went for abortions and no one found out their real ages.

    The website had many articles, I gave up counting after 5 pages, against Planned Parenthood, Roe vs. Wade, and the court that tried that case. I only read Charon’s article. She didn’t think referrals for mammograms were enough reason to support PP and she felt the abortion issue overruled the health issue.

    The assignment didn’t ask my opinion. But here it is. Whether you believe in birth control or not, many people will use it if they can get it. If they can’t, there will be unplanned pregnancies some of which endanger the lives of the mother and/or the child. Whether or not you believe in abortion, people will get them. Legal or not. Safe or not. Babies are wonderful and deserve to be brought into a world in which they are safe, loved, taken good care of, and raised by parents who are ready for the responsibility. Planned Parenthood gives women the chance to give their babies that opportunity.

    That said, I am always sad when I hear that someone I know has had an abortion. I mourn the loss of the child that fetus might have become. I mourn with the mother who had to make that decision. Wouldn’t it have been better if she had been given the opportunity to visit Planned Parenthood before she became sexually active so that her health could have been protected and so that the lives that she chose to bring into this world were also carefully thought out?

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