I ADORE library cards

Today’s Good assignment is to get a library card. Finally, something I excel at. I have library cards – ALL of which I STILL keep in my wallet – from Minneapolis; St. Paul; Brooklyn; Portland, Maine; and Cumming, Georgia. I have no good excuse for why I never got a library card when I lived in Chicago, but I have wished so many times that I had. Just so that I’d have the complete set, if for no practical reason. That’s the exact shape of my craziness.

This morning on my way to my day of meetings at the college, I stopped at Wheatberry, a coffee/bakery cafe kind of place that’s just irresistibly inviting.


If you have time, read their story; it’s a labor of the truest love. I adore this kind of story to the point of being – I’ll be honest – adoring and possibly intrusive. I hide my obsession behind the ruse of journalism, but the truth is, people – those who find time in their lives for following their passions – they enthrall me, whether they make that passion their income source or not. I just can’t hear enough from people about how they find the courage and energy and power to make that happen. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I didn’t know any of that when I stopped. I just saw the hand painted “hot, local and organic” signed and figured that was my sort of place. I picked up some pastries, one of which was a truly outstanding oatmeal berry scone. There were chocolate scones, too, which I purchased on the advice of the girl who works there. My client Gregg would have to confirm that it was a winner, but judging by how quickly it disappeared, I’m thinking it was okay.

Of course there was also coffee. Pastries are fine, but coffee is simply the only way to win my love. This display of local milk was pretty winning, too, though, I have to say …

I don’t know why. Something about milk in a glass bottle. It delights me. I will pay extra for it. Marketing people, pay attention.


3 thoughts on “I ADORE library cards

  1. I have two active library cards, one public and one academic. I love the UGA library, really; there are whole shelves of books devoted to things I’m interested in. Some of them are in French, which I find that I can still read even after all these years. Others are in Middle English, which I’ve learned to read easily. Your mother is kindly loaning me some Spanish educational materials, and I’d like to pick it up too.

  2. The UGA library is a lovely place, I agree, though I doubt you and I would frequent the same shelves. That’s what makes it marvelous in the first place, I suppose.

  3. This is practically a day off from good citizenship for me. I have a library card. I have returned all my books. I have no fines.

    I’d be done, except that I have a complaint. Our library has shortened the time we can keep out a book. I read slowly or I have little time to read sometimes. Anyway, I run out of time before I run out of book. They won’t let you renew unless no one else wants the book. I’ve nearly given up using my library card. It makes me sad.

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