Help someone!

When I first read today’s Good assignment, I was a little concerned. As a freelancer, I sometimes see very few (or no) people in a day. What if I couldn’t FIND someone to help?

But not to worry, my friends, because today I’m traveling, and airports are FILLED with people who need help. I tend to focus my helpful airport energy on people with babies our small children because really, that’s like traveling with a loud, sensitive atomic bomb. I’m so glad it’s not me that I’d do ANYTHING they need. Pretty much.

I held a door for a lady balancing a squirming toddler and several bags in her arms, as well as pushing a stroller with which said toddler would have NOTHING to do. I also held back a wave of departing shuttle bus traffic while a mom with bags, stroller and a sleeping baby made their exit.

Airports: full of experts and chances for good citizenship.


One thought on “Help someone!

  1. Who can I be nicer to today than I was yesterday?
    1. The kid that I snapped at the third time I explained why she needed to do the assignment the way I assigned it and she wanted to argue it her way. She’s a teenager, it is her job to learn to think on her own. It is my job to stand firm if her way doesn’t meet the requirements of the assignment but not my job to let her irritate me into being nasty.
    2. The president of my honor society who didn’t bring dog food to donate after she e-mailed all the other members to donate. She said she had 4 dogs of her own to feed. Perhaps money is tight at their house.
    3. The pregnant friend whom I haven’t checked in on in a while. I can take something to send by her sister so she knows she isn’t forgotten. Bed rest isn’t fun when it is constant and forced.

    Good assignment. Even if I think I am nice to everyone, it is obvious that thinking about it makes me more vigilant. Let’s see if I can improve.

    Okay, so I made that plan this morning. How did I do?
    1. + I was nicer to her and she responded well.
    2. + She and I are fine. We work together well.
    3. – Totally bombed on that one. I didn’t ever get over to her sister’s office to ask about her. That will be one for next week.

    I did work harder with my special ed students both for them and the parapro who was all alone today.

    I did take an article to a friend who is really struggling right now. One from Real Simple that had some positive points that might help her.

    I cleaned my office so that it would look good for Freshman Festival on Saturday so that my partner wouldn’t be embarrassed by it since I can’t be there.

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