Speaking of reading

Forget the library card, do you have trouble finding the time to even consider USING that card? Check out DailyLit.com. Pick a book you’ve been meaning to read, sign up, and they’ll email you bite-size, readable tidbits on the schedule that suits you (Want weekends off? Absolutely. Weekends ONLY? Do your thing.)

I just finished “The Wisdom of Steve Jobs” and now I’m moving on to “The 50th Law” by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. These are books I might never make the time for in my regular reading lineup – I’m mostly a fiction and incredibly specific nonfiction girl – but I’m interested in these books, and these manageable daily bits help me stay engaged. Plus they have a whole banned books section. How could you want more?


2 thoughts on “Speaking of reading

  1. I could want a philosophy section that included more of Aristotle than the Poetics, which is surely not his most important work. Or more of Plato than the Republic, which may be his most important work, but is certainly not his best.

    However, Ivanhoe is available, and that’s a work worth reading!

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