Ha. Fooled you, didn’t I? No, this is not about THAT kind of love, silly. This is about food. Obviously. Well, food and a few other things.

1. Yesterday I went cross country skiing for only the third time in my life. There was one hill. One tiny hill that I had to maneuver about seven seconds after I put on my skis (in my defense). And of course, I had an audience. My friend Christine took me to the Snake River levee to ski. It’s a trail frequented by Nordic and skate skiers, dog walkers and people hoping to see some wildlife. I don’t know what this particular group of people was doing, but for one very long (for me) moment, they were watching me make my way down a ridiculously small hill like a newly born, developmentally delayed colt. After that, though, things went just fine. AND we saw a whole herd of moose (one baby!) and two bald eagles. I love cross country skiing.

2. Joe took me here last night for dinner so I could have oysters. That’s right, oysters in Jackson Hole. They fly them in every day, and they were magnificent. I also had the Korean short rib sliders, which were also magnificent. I loved that meal.

3. I just discovered this store, and I love every single thing in it.


3 thoughts on “Love

  1. The triad of you, love, and food reminds me to tell you: Paige loves your “Tipsy olives.” She says the idea of stuffing them with jalapenos makes them the best olives ever.

    She doesn’t even flavor them with vodka.

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