More of the birthday girl

I'm pretty sure this was taken at the laundromat in Santa Fe when Mom was visiting me for Thanksgiving. I spent a lot of time at that laundromat (and thus so did Mom). It was next door to the place where I took salsa lessons AND they played the '80s station on XM radio 24 hours a day.

When I'm home and we have a free Sunday, we drive into the mountains. This is somewhere in Appalachia. Who knows. Well ... Mom, probably.

At one of our favorite places - Pure Taqueria. Wish I could be sharing a birthday skinny margarita with you today, Mom.

This photo of Mom - long before there was me - rides with me and Benji everywhere we go, all across the country.

Family vacation - visiting Brother and Family in Tampa

A lot of people's minds narrow and close as they age, but not my Mom. Here she is trying raw oysters, which, for the record, pretty solidly grossed her out. But she tried them anyway. That's my girl.

My favorite happy hour pal. Cheers to you, Mom. Have a wonderful birthday evening.


10 thoughts on “More of the birthday girl

  1. Brad’s right, that was on the trip back from Knoxville by way of North Carolina.

    All they have to do to those oysters is put a little heat to them and maybe some spinach, cheese and hot sauce and I’m good.

    You’re on for that skinny margarita when you get home, but I have already eaten my calorie allotment for the next week just with my cake from my art teacher pals and my coca cola cake from Cracker Barrel tonight. Getting old is a lot of fun.

    Now if we can get all these tornados out of the area without damage to anyone, it will be a perfect birthday! Thanks for the photo memories!! Love, MOM

  2. What a great collection of photos. Many warm wishes to you Marie for your Birthday. Sounds like it was an extra special day.

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