Traveling Fitness

On the road, it can be hard, or really just a pain in the ass, to find a gym where you can work out. Unless you’re staying a hotel with a gym or with a friend who belongs to a gym, you’re kind of screwed. Yes, I’m in the middle of marathon training, but a girl needs muscles too, right? Right. I’m in the city, people. You never know whose ass I might need to kick.

Which brings me to my new crush. Nerd Fitness. I found Nerd Fitness because I was using Gain Fitness, also a cool Web site, which creates workouts based on time, workout goal, and facilities (there’s a gym option and a home option). I was creating a home workout today, and one of the demonstration videos that popped was from Nerd Fitness. It’s a fantastic exercise, totally ridiculous and kind of one of those things that could easily become a dumb-thing-I-tried-to-do story. I adore it. Watch the video. You will love it too.

By the way, this is an especially charming exercise to attempt when you’re staying with a friend. Don’t get the idea I’m endorsing it and then get all mad at me when you break a table and your back, but just so you know, I did not break Katie’s table or myself.


One thought on “Traveling Fitness

  1. I kept expecting the table to flip over on him. I don’t think this is a good idea. I am glad you didn’t break anything furniture-wise or body-wise. Be careful and try not to be in a situation where someone’s ass needs kicking. Love, MoM

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