How to survive the apocalypse and some truly marvelous Cuban food

We’re not really expecting an apocalypse today, but except for those people on National Geographic, who really is? That’s why those Doomsday Preppers will be the only survivors, obviously. No, today Evan, Katie and I are headed upstate for a run in the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, but just because no apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, is predicted, doesn’t mean we won’t be prepared.

Also, Cuban food: last night Funny TJ and I had a fantastic dinner at Pilar in Bed Stuy. One day I’m going to move to Cuba, and I know at least a few of you won’t even be surprised. I seem to always be yapping about Cuba, I know, but getting to Cuba is still complicated, and if you can’t go to Cuba, Pilar is a good short-term substitute.


And finally here’s a pretty lousy but still beautiful photo from my walk home last night. I say “walk home” because I unthinkingly took the 1 because it happened to show up right when I walked in the station, while the 2 and 3, according to the signs were 15 and 18 minutes away. The 1 runs generally on the same track, but splits off from the 2-3 once it gets to Harlem, and I KNOW this, but I wasn’t thinking. Well … I WAS thinking. I was thinking I don’t want to wait 15-18 minutes when there’s a train right here and this, friends, is sometimes how I get myself into trouble. But not last night. It just meant I got to take an extra long and also lovely walk home.



3 thoughts on “How to survive the apocalypse and some truly marvelous Cuban food

  1. There appears to be a lot more zombies in the US than anywhere else in the world. I wonder why that is.

    The food looks yummy, the church is beautiful, the park has your favorite flowers and they are surely in bloom since it has been warm early this year, so I hope you run by them on your run today. It is probably a little cooler today than it has been. I hope the frost doesn’t nip the peonies!

  2. It was BEAUTIFUL (and HILLY), our little state park run, but alas, not even one peony bloom. Really not much green at all. Apparently the half hour from city to upstate makes a big difference.

  3. Everything is green here. It will seem like you have entered a different hemisphere when you are home. I am sorry there were no peonies. We have roses, snowball bushes, a few irises, and lots of green trees. I have been getting my exercise mowing the grass. It was cold today, though. Blackberry winter. in the 30s this morning. We bounced right back to near 70 this afternoon, though.

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