Rick is not my candidate

It’s not like this was a big mystery for anyone. Truly, I AM concerned about his views on marriage. But I’m much more concerned that he can’t control a room of college kids.

And just for fun, here’s comedian Myq Kaplan on the illogical notion of barring gays from marrying.

I love funny. Don’t you?


One thought on “Rick is not my candidate

  1. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have the opportunity to vote for or against him in a way that matters; there is a massive push among the moneyed interests to ensure that this is a Romney v. Obama contest. The pressure is quite extraordinary; Santorum was studiously ignored by the media as unworthy of a moment’s interest until he nearly won Iowa (and may have won, given problems with vote-counting). The very next day, the same press that had been ignoring him with great discipline had fully developed, pre-positioned attack pieces to run — the kind of thing that comes only from careful opposition research conducted over time, the kind of research that the Romney campaign has had the money to do for months. Journalists are supposed to be independent of political campaigns, of course: it ought to be suspicious that the corporate media had nothing at all to say about Santorum, and no one available to cover such a low-potential candidate, until they suddenly had fully-developed attack pieces to run the morning after he became important.

    The problem is that both Romney and Obama are entirely in the same set of pockets — it isn’t just that Romney became super-rich through his dealings with Wall Street, but President Obama has obtained more money from Goldman-Sachs than anyone else. And Chase Manhattan. And JP Morgan. And General Electric — which, by the way, he bailed out after being elected, for which bailout you and I will be paying taxes for decades to come. Oh, and the banks? He bailed them out too.

    So, have no fear. It’s very unlikely that you’ll face any choice at all, this year, in who controls the Presidency. If it comes to Romney v. Obama, I’ll be voting for Obama — four more years is better than eight.

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