Teachin’ ain’t easy

Every now and then Mom shares a story from the classroom that makes my day. Usually, I have to admit, these stories involve Mom doing or saying something accidentally inappropriate. This story is no different.

The class is ceramics and the students are working on creating a garden fairy house (inspired by these).

Part of the assignment is build a fairy to inhabit each little dwelling and Mom, always doing her utmost to encourage her students to go beyond their languid teenage best, was roaming her classroom discussing and critiquing the work. One in particular catches her eye:

Mom: Nice work, [name withheld to protect the innocent, and by innocent, I mean my Mom]. What sort of tools will you give your fairy?

Student (who is clearly done, satisfied and totally uninterested in doing any more work): She’s a fairy. I gave her a wand.

Mom (with characteristic enthusiasm): But she’s a garden fairy. Wouldn’t it be cool if she had a hoe? What about a MAGIC hoe?

Student: Um … ? I think a wand is enough.

Mom: That’s just because you kids are too young to know about hoeing. Hoeing is HARD.

Student falls in the floor with laughter spasms.

Mom: What? WHAT? Why is everyone laughing?

The end.


5 thoughts on “Teachin’ ain’t easy

  1. Oh how I love this!!! Made me laugh out loud. šŸ™‚ There was once a time when I told my 8th graders to get in threesomes. And then I did a lesson on choosing a just right book and said that size doesn’t matter. They were 3rd graders though and didn’t get it. The teacher, on the other hand, almost fell out of her chair.

  2. I’m so glad (and so not surprised) you have some examples too! Mom thinks I’m just making fun of her, but it’s fantastic, isn’t it? And dude … you have to be careful with eighth graders. As my students proved, they WILL get into threesomes if given any sort of opportunity.

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